'; Vlog 9 - Back to School - Robert M. Pimpsner

Vlog 9 – Back to School

“Jason Melon: Wait a minute. When did you dream about going to college?

Thornton Melon: When I used to fall asleep in high school.”

One of my favorite movies growing up and even now was the comedy “Back-to-School” starring Rodney Dangerfield. Now that I am going back to school for my second bachelor’s degree, I find myself living the part of the older college student. Unlike Thornton Melon I am doing my own homework and I don’t have anyone to take my notes for me and I don’t plan on throwing wild parties in a massively renovated dorm room.

Last Thursday had my first class back and I just finished up my second. It is a good feeling to return to school after so long. I am determined to do it right this time, unlike my first go around in college. I know not to take anything for granted as I follow a passion of mine since I was younger. In the meantime, I will continue to learn all I can on my own and prepare for the future courses I will be taking.

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