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Vlog 7 – Ready To Go

This has been a good week for me. I took a break from doing my math work since in a couple of weeks I will be doing plenty of that. So, I used this week to catch up with some other reading and listening. I listened to two audiobooks written by Stephen Hawking and completed two of my beginner engineering books.

All four of the books were interesting and I learned a lot from them. The computer engineering beginner’s guide to computer engineering was a lot of information I already know. Stuff I learned from taking apart computers and putting them back together over the years. It also seemed a bit outdated since it is a 10-year old book. The beginner’s guide to aerospace engineering was fascinating, it had a mixture of information I already knew and new stuff. Aside from that, I spent a lot of time applying for jobs and working on new stuff for the vlog. You can see in the video the new animations and stuff I made. I want to thank NASA videos on Pexels for some of the royalty-free videos I used in the intro.

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