Wow, just wow.

That was a great show, dare I say phenomenal.

The WWE NXT Superstars raised the bar on that show and I was thoroughly entertained from the first match to the last.  The teasing of Bobby Roode, the incredible match between American Alpha and The Revival and the rest of the card was something special.  If NXT is a taste of what WWE will be like when Triple-H is in charge, sign me up for more.

Andrade “Cien” Almas, formerly known as La Sombra, was nothing short of impressive in his first NXT televised match against “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger.  He is a guy that I expect to rocket through NXT and onto the main roster quickly.  If you don’t know who he is just go watch his matches with Shinsuke Nakamura for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.  On the other side of that match was Tye Dillenger, a guy who lost about 72% of his matches in NXT but has been just as impressive as anyone in that ring and has shown to be able to connect with the crowd.  With the night signalling the end of the beginning I hope to see Dillenger become a bigger part of NXT moving forward.

The second match of the night was easily a match of the night candidate. American Alpha and The Revival had me on the edge of my seat that entire match.  I am a huge fan of both teams but there is just something about The Revival that I enjoy watching, they remind me a lot of the old Minnesota Wreaking Crew.  Tell me you don’t see Arn and Ole Anderson when you look at Dash and Dawson and I will be shocked.  I also have to just say this about Chad Gable, the guy has the “It” factor.  He is a future world champion, pairing him up with Jason Jordan was genius.  I cannot dismiss Jordan, I feel for the guy.  In addition to NXT TV the Breaking Ground show on the WWE Network really allowed us to see inside and connect with guys like Jordan.  I really hope I see both of them on the main roster soon, maybe after a short program with The Authors of Pain who made their debuts tonight.

How awesome was it to see legendary manager  Paul Ellering on WWE TV?  I love seeing guys like that come back to help young talent, he can really help get guys like The Authors of Pain over.


Thank you NXT for this match.  Nakamura vs Aries is a true dream match, something that has never happened before.  These two guys brought it.  I did not want it to end and was sort of wishing we still had time limits and this went to a draw.  Both of these guys deserved the win.

In the women’s division we saw Asuka retain against Nia Jax.  I like both competitors but right now Asuka is my favorite women’s wrestler in all of WWE.  I really hope with the brand split coming up we get to see her on the main roster.  Jax on the other hand I would love to see team with a heel Roman Reigns and Usos to really expand The Bloodline.  She is such as unique talent that needs to be capitalized on and with all the stuff she has been through she deserves a shot.

Now we get to the main event.  Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe in the first ever NXT steel cage match.  It was not as brutal as their match at TakeOver: Dallas, one that had to be stopped multiple times thanks to Joe being busted open.  I enjoyed the match and the outcome.  This sets Balor up for a main roster call up to join his fellow Bullet Club alumni against Cena and The New Day.  Joe will get a nice little run with the belt which will probably end at TakeOver: Brooklyn.  My only wish was that Bobby Roode would come out and confront Joe.  Speaking of, it looks like his WWE deal is almost done and if that is true he might be on the NXT tapings this week.  I am going to have to make sure I watch the next few weeks of NXT to see.